Alzheimer’s Care – Why Seniors Need Regular Cognitive Screenings

Alzheimer's Care

Don’t wait until your senior parent is showing signs of cognitive decline to suggest that they get a cognitive screening. There are many benefits to seniors getting routine cognitive screenings. All seniors should be getting regular cognitive screenings as part of their basic health care. The risk of a senior developing Alzheimer’s or dementia increases…

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Physical Therapy Can Help Prevent Injury After a Fall

Physical Therapy

Every year, 36 million older adults fall and 3 million end up in the ER. That’s reported falls. Many others fall and never tell their doctor. Some falls are avoidable, but not every fall is. Medication side effects, sudden muscle cramps, and pets that get underfoot are all fall risks that are difficult to avoid.…

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Speech Therapy Benefits for Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss: Speech Therapy Springfield PA

National Save Your Hearing Day is designed to help people better understand how to protect their hearing. It involves tips like learning to use ear protection at concerts or when using power tools. What if your dad’s hearing is already impacted? Not all cases of hearing loss are preventable. Neurological disorders, traumatic injuries, and genetics…

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