Spring Activities for Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Broomall PAWinter is quickly melting away, becoming replaced with spring, and with it comes spring activities that your senior mom or dad should be looking forward to. If you have just started caring for your elderly loved one, you may be trying to devise fun ideas to keep them entertained and healthy. It can be hard during the winter, but there are many spring activities to look forward to. Keep in mind that these activities can also be done with the help of home care assistance, which can help your loved one feel independent of the family but keep you at ease knowing they are being cared for by someone. Here are some fun spring ideas to mention to your senior during your time together.

It’s Time To Go Outside for a Walk

Many seniors feel cooped up inside during winter. It is too cold to go outside, and it can be dangerous to walk around the neighborhood when it is icy. They may not understand why you’ve been so careful with them, but now is the time to let them leave the house. This is the best time of the year to go outside and enjoy nature, even if it is just in the neighborhood. The birds are waking up, the bees are starting to pollinate new flowers, and there is so much to enjoy. This is a simple activity, but getting outside for a few minutes daily can greatly improve their quality of life and their happiness while aging in place. If you are worried about them walking alone, offer to go with them; if you are busy working or doing something else, ask home care assistance to join them on these walks to supervise and enjoy time with the seniors.

Go To a New Farmer’s Market

Spring is the time of year when many farmers’ markets come to life. There are stalls and stands set up with local and fresh goodies to choose from. This can be a place for a senior to walk around and do some “window shopping” or buy fresh produce for the week. It is an activity that the whole family may enjoy, but it can also be done solo. Often, a farmers market has small restaurants where you can get something quick to eat and live music to enjoy. You can make a whole day out of it with your loved ones, and it can be something to throw into a weekly routine, giving your loved one something to look forward to.

Start a New Garden

You know that getting outside is crucial for health and happiness. Being in nature can boost the natural chemicals in the body that promote happiness. Starting a garden is one of the best ways to be surrounded by nature and plants, but it also gives a senior the responsibility of keeping something alive; it gives them something to care for, which can be so rewarding. If they do not have enough room for a full garden, there are small standup beds, or they can pick a few pots to grow various things. Your loved one can skip vegetables and plant all the flowers they love!

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