How to Help an Older Loved One with Cataracts?

Senior Home Care in Springfield PADid you know that cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss among people over 75 years old in the U.S.? If you have an older loved one, there’s a high chance that, at some point, they will experience cataracts. Cataracts are natural conditions that develop over time and occur gradually, meaning you can mitigate deterioration if detected early. Look for symptoms like blurred vision or glare, and consult a medical practitioner as soon as possible. The most common treatment is cataract surgery, and senior home care may be required during recovery. Seniors usually experience low vision with age, which makes getting around difficult. With that in mind, cataracts make the situation worse, and without proper care, they can cause permanent vision loss. Here are ways to help older adults with cataracts improve their quality of life.

Assist with the House

Daily chores around the house might become difficult for a senior with vision impairment, causing safety and health hazards. The best way to alleviate such problems is to find the most challenging tasks and help them. This can include laundry, cooking, cleaning, and landscaping, among others. With that in mind, these duties are likely to increase depending on the severity of the problem, and that’s why senior home care is a viable option. Certified caregivers leverage experience and skills to professionally address your older loved one’s needs.

Falling Hazards

As mentioned, cataracts impair an individual’s vision, affecting movement around the house and increasing falling hazards. Falls are the most significant risk for seniors with cataracts since they can’t detect potential hazards like uneven surfaces or slippery walkways. Although seniors prefer living alone for as long as possible, when an older loved one has cataracts, this may no longer be an option. Having family and friends around can help maintain a safe home. However, a senior home care expert can notice the slightest changes and advise the family on practical solutions.


Your senior relative may be unable to drive to and from doctor’s appointments or other social events. Friends and family can make themselves available to help with transportation needs, but if it is not possible, consider onboarding a certified senior home care provider. Besides tending to your loved one’s transportation needs, they also focus on other aspects of their lives to improve quality.


Can you imagine cleaning a house you can’t see clearly? Cleaning is already a big job for people who can see correctly, and vision impairment with old age makes it an uphill task. Many seniors often abandon such duties, allowing items to pile up, which increases safety and health hazards. You can tackle cleaning as friends or family, but you may need to hire a professional in the long run. Senior home care providers address everything from cooking, cleaning, transportation, and companionship.

When you want your loved one to get the best care within the comfort of their home, caregivers eliminate the feeling of your senior relative being a burden. You can find more information about caring for seniors with cataracts by contacting a medical expert and a reputable senior care provider.

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