How Can Yoga Help Your Dad With Balance?

One of the leading causes of falls in older adults is loss of balance. Medication side effects, arthritis pain, and weaker muscles can all play a role. Did you know that Yoga is one of the best exercise programs for improving balance?

The Value of the Hip Muscles

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The hip abductors are three muscles that assist with leg movements and rotation of the hip joint. Strong hip abductors can ease pain in the hip and knee joints. But, their most important function is stability when standing on one leg or walking.

As people spend more time sitting, these hip muscles don’t get much of a workout at all. Yoga helps strengthen the hip abductors. Studies find that just a few weeks of muscle strengthening poses and exercises can reduce pain and improve balance.

Yoga Poses That Help Build Hip Strength

What are the best yoga poses for improving strength in the hip abductors? Here are some poses for your dad to try. Before he does, your dad should ask his doctor if he has any limitations that must be considered when he’s stretching his muscles.

#1 – Bird Dog

Your dad wants to get on his hands and knees on a yoga mat or padded floor. His hands and wrists should be under his shoulders, and he’ll spread out his fingers for full support. He should lift the left leg and right arm and stretch them as far forward and back as is comfortable for him.

Have him hold that pose for three deep, cleansing breaths and go back to the standard hands and knees form. He’ll switch to the right leg and left arm and repeat the stretch.

#2 – Child’s Pose

Have your dad do the best he can with this pose. He will start on his hands and knees. Lower his backside to his calves and rest his torso between his thighs and on the floor. He’ll stretch out his arms so that they’re stretched beyond his head. He’ll hold this for a couple of deep breaths.

#4 – A Simple Squat

Your dad may need a chair for support as he builds muscle. He wants to stand with his feet pointing out at hip-width. He should squat as low as possible and hold the pose for a few deep breaths. At this point, he’ll stand up, rest a minute, and repeat.

Your dad may feel more comfortable doing basic yoga stretches with someone helping him. A home care aide is there for emotional and physical support. Talk to a home care specialist about companionship services each week.

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