What Your Senior Needs to Know about Exercise

Exercise is one of those things that people either love or hate and if your senior hates exercise, she might have been avoiding it for a long time. But as she grows older, exercise can pay off for your elderly family member in terms of better overall health and improved balance and flexibility.

Home Care Darby PA - What Your Senior Needs to Know about Exercise

Home Care Darby PA – What Your Senior Needs to Know about Exercise

She Can Still Benefit from Exercise Even Now

Your senior’s first objection might be that she’s never really exercised and now it’s too late. But that isn’t necessarily true. Exercising even a little bit now is still going to help her. It helps with balance, strength, and overall health. She might even find that she’s sleeping better, eating better, and that she just feels better overall.

It Doesn’t Have to Be about Working Out

Another misconception is that your senior believes that exercise has to mean that she hops on an exercise bike or a treadmill in full workout gear every day. That doesn’t have to be what this is about. What’s truly important is that your senior is moving more and using her muscles more than she might have been in the past.

Slow Starts Are Better

Lots of people make the mistake of starting an exercise program and running full steam ahead with it. The problem is that they run out of steam pretty quickly that way. It’s much better for your senior to start out slowly and maintain that pace. Something else that can help her to keep from overdoing it is to hire home care providers who can take over some daily tasks. Home care providers can also help to reassure you that your senior isn’t doing too much.

Small Amounts of Exercise Are Beneficial

Keep up with the recommendations from your senior’s doctor about how much exercise is right for her. She may not need to be exercising as much or doing such difficult exercise as she’s trying to do. When she sticks to the guidelines that her doctor gives her, she’s far less likely to injure herself and she has a greater chance of getting the results that she needs and wants.

If your elderly family member has never been a huge fan of exercise in the past, she may not be excited about it now, either. But the good news is that she doesn’t have to make the situation too complicated. Adding more movement to her life is going to give her big results.

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