7 Ways to Keep Your Senior Physically & Mentally Active This Winter

This Winter, you might be looking for ways to ensure that your parent or loved one who gets their senior care at home can stay both physically and mentally active. We have come up with a list of things to try so that your senior can avoid feeling lonely, isolated, or bored this season and get some activity in, too!

1. Join a gym

Senior Care Philadelphia, PA: Keeping Your Senior Active

Consider encouraging your senior to join a local gym this Winter season so that they can get out in the community and stay physically active as well. Many gyms have both manual equipment as well as group classes so that they can build strength and also stay socially active. Have them try out different kinds of classes or equipment until they find what they enjoy.

2. Spend time with peers

For some elderly people receiving senior care at home, it can be easy to begin feeling isolated, especially during colder months when we are more likely to want to stay indoors and hibernate where we are warm, cozy, and comfortable. Set up a group meeting with your senior’s friends to have tea, look at old pictures, see a movie, or go shopping together.

3. Play puzzles and games

In order to keep the mind working this Winter, encourage your senior parent or loved one to incorporate games and puzzles into their senior care routine at home. In fact, studies have actually shown that people who do jigsaw or crossword puzzles have a lower chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, and dementia, and have a longer life span!

4. Dance

Dancing is not only a good way to get the body moving, but it’s fun, too. Dancing uses the whole body and brain and is something that many seniors enjoy taking part in. There’s many different types of dance so ask your senior what they would like to try!

5. Try yoga

Yoga is something that people of all ages and body types can participate in, and may help with flexibility and relaxation as well as encourage your senior to get a little social as they try something new and possibly outside of their comfort zone this Winter.

6. Volunteer

Another way to stay active with your senior this season is to volunteer with them. There are many ways that charities and organizations need help, and doing something good for people less fortunate may motivate your senior to get out in their community more than they would normally choose to do.

7. Try something new

Mix it up and have your senior try something totally new, like a class or a book or a hobby they have never tried. Senior care can become mundane when seniors stay home doing the same thing day after day, so get out of the house and find something they might love that they never considered before.


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