Why and When Should Your Senior Wear a Cloth Face Mask?

With new recommendations to start wearing face masks, your senior might be a little confused about why they’re important and when she should wear one. Going over this information with her can help lessen the confusion and convince her that it’s a good idea to wear one if she does go out. 

Cloth Face Masks Offer a Layer of Protection

Senior Care Drexel Hill, PA: Wearing Face Masks

Cloth face masks aren’t perfect, but they do offer a layer of protection against germs that your senior might encounter when she’s out in public. They also offer protection to other people if your senior may have been exposed to coronavirus but is asymptomatic herself. Surgical masks and N95 respirators should not be used by the public because those are needed by medical professionals and are in short supply right now. 

Masks Remind Your Senior to Stop Touching Her Face 

Masks serve another purpose. They can be an incredibly helpful reminder to your senior to stop touching her face. People in general tend to touch their own faces a lot more than they realize. This is part of why hand washing is such a vital part of avoiding illness and infection. Wearing a mask prohibits your senior from being able to transfer germs from her hands into her nose and mouth. 

Masks Are Useful Out in Public or Around Other People 

The primary place for your senior to wear her cloth face masks is when she’s out in public. But they can also be handy when she’s going to be around other people in her own home. Senior care providers can help your elderly family member still with a variety of needs in her home, and they’ll likely be wearing masks. It’s a good idea for your senior to wear one as well. 

A Mask Is No Substitute for Social Distancing 

Something that’s really important for your senior to understand about cloth masks is that wearing a cloth face mask is no substitute for social distancing. She does still need to maintain a distance of at least six feet from other people when she’s out in public. 

Cloth face masks are something that your senior does need to add to her virus protection plan as soon as possible. The novel coronavirus is so easily transferred from one person to another that so many people don’t even realize they have the virus until they finally develop symptoms. By that point, they’ve possibly encountered a great many other people.  


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