When Would Your Dad Need Home Health Care During His Cancer Recovery?

Home health care isn’t the same as home care. Home health care helps with medical aspects of care when a chronic illness is diagnosed, after a health emergency, or in the days or weeks following surgery. Your dad has cancer and recovering from cancer treatments and surgery to remove the tumor. Can home health care help him? 
Home health care is an effective way to shorten the time your dad spends in a hospital. He’ll appreciate being in the comfort of his own home and bed while he recovers from cancer treatments. He’ll be calmer at home than in a bustling hospital. Nurses ensure he gets the follow-up care he needs in a comfortable, familiar setting. 
Services that Home Health Care Offers

Home Health Care Philadelphia, PA: Home Health Care During Recovery

Home health care helps in several ways. The first is wound care. Nurses can change your dad’s surgical bandages, make sure the incision is cleaned properly and healing well. If there are issues, the nurse can talk to doctors and come up with a plan to take care of infection immediately. 
Nurses with home health care agencies can provide IV care. If your dad needs medications via an IV or fluids to prevent dehydration, home health care is helpful. He’ll be able to get the medications or fluids he needs without making another trip to the hospital. 
During the recovery, nurses can check your dad’s temperature, blood pressure, and breathing. They can check his pulse. If anything seems off, they can call a doctor to see if he needs to be seen or if home monitoring is good for now. 
A nurse can make sure your dad isn’t dealing with pain. If he is, medications via an IV or injection are possible with a doctor’s order. Other injections that he needs are managed by the nurse. 
Home health care nurses can monitor your dad’s eating. If a special diet is needed, you can arrange to have the home health care agency send a dietitian help with meals and diet plans. Nurses will coordinate care between the doctors, your family, caregivers, and others who are helping your dad during his recovery. 
Pair Home Health Care With Home Care 
Home health care is very useful during his cancer recovery. Pair these services with home care services like housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation for a comprehensive care plan. Your dad can focus on healing and keeping up with treatment plans. Caregivers can take care of the rest.

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