What Home Health Care Includes For Seniors

Benefits: Home Health Care Drexel Hill PA

Benefits: Home Health Care Drexel Hill PA

Seniors who are aging in place don’t want to lose their independence. As they get older seniors may face more health challenges that require more advanced health care. Home health care can bridge the gaps and make it possible for seniors with serious or chronic medical conditions to remain at home and take care of their health. Home health care is basic medical care and monitoring performed by a licensed medical professional in a senior’s home so that they don’t need to go to the doctor or a medical facility for routine care.

Vital Monitoring

Seniors that have medical conditions need to be very aware of any changes in their temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. A skilled medical professional that provides care at home for seniors can check vitals and keep records so that any change in those important measurements will be noticed right away.

That can help doctors find potentially serious problems because they become dangerous and let seniors and their families know their general state of health. While family members can check some vitals at home it’s always better to have a medical professional to do it to prevent user errors.

Home Safety Assessment

An experienced medical professional can help seniors by checking out their home and performing a safety assessment based on the senior’s medical condition. They can make suggestions for changes that will make seniors safer living independently and monitor the home to make sure that there is nothing in the home that could cause seniors to get sick, fall, or injure themselves.

Having a medical professional perform a home safety assessment regularly is a great way to ensure that your senior parent is aging at home safely.

Nutritional Counseling And Support

Seniors often need nutritional counseling and support. A huge number of seniors become malnourished every year because they don’t eat enough. A medical professional can perform tests to make sure that seniors aren’t malnourished, and then suggest ways to keep them from becoming malnourished.

They can also work with seniors and families to create a plan to get seniors eating enough if they aren’t. Seniors who are overweight or who need to maintain their weight to prevent serious health problems can benefit from some one-on-one nutritional counseling at home from a trained medical professional.

Injections And IV Support

Seniors that have diabetes or seniors who require injections for conditions like arthritis or for pain management, can get the injections that they need at home with home health care. Most seniors prefer to get their injections in the privacy and comfort of their home rather than go through the hassle of going to a medical facility or the doctor’s office. Seniors who need IVs can have them professionally put in and monitored by skilled health care workers so that they don’t have to leave their homes.

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