What Can Your Senior Do about Diet for Kidney Health?

You might not have realized this, but what your senior eats can make a big difference in how well her kidneys hold up as she ages. Drinking plenty of water is a good start, but there are other things that she can do as well. Some of these changes might be ones that she wants to make gradually so that she can fully adopt them into her lifestyle going forward.

Reduce Salt, Sugar, and Other Harmful Ingredients

Home Care Assistance Philadelphia, PA: Kidney Health

Home Care Assistance Philadelphia, PA: Kidney Health

Salt and sugar in particular are used to keep foods fresher longer and they’re used to make sure that food tastes the way that people expect, too. The problem is that most people eat way too much salt and sugar, and that causes problems with blood pressure, diabetes, and even kidney damage. Avoiding high levels of salt and sugar means keeping your senior’s kidneys healthier. It helps to read labels carefully.

Consider Heart Health

Keeping your senior’s heart healthier helps with overall health. That also ensures that better blood flow is getting everywhere in your senior’s body, including her kidneys. Eating a diet that supports heart health, including whole grains and healthy fats can do a lot to boost overall health as well as kidney health. Talk with your senior’s doctor about her risks for other health issues besides kidney problems to get a full picture of what she might be up against.

Choose Lean Proteins

Protein is an important building block for seniors because it can help to maintain and to build muscle tone, but it can also be overtaxing for your senior’s kidneys. Choosing lean proteins, as well as the right types of proteins, is important. Poultry, fish, and lean meats are good choices, but so are plant-based proteins like grains, nuts and legumes, and beans. 

Opt for Fresher Foods More Often

Frozen and canned foods can be really healthy, especially if you’re reading the labels on the foods in your senior’s fridge and pantry. But it can be a good idea as well to opt for fresh foods whenever possible. They’re more likely to be in season, which makes them budget friendly as well as full of nutrients. If cooking is more of a chore for your senior, home care assistance can make short work of it for her. 

Get Some Help in the Kitchen and Elsewhere

As much help as elder care providers can be in the kitchen, they can also help your senior elsewhere, too. Part of keeping herself as healthy as possible involves resting when she can. If your elderly family member is expending more energy than she should trying to keep up with everything that she and her home need, that cuts into her rest time. Home care assistance can keep your senior safer and they make great companions as well.

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