What Can You Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed?

It sounds a little over-simplified to realize that you need more help if you’re feeling overwhelmed, but it’s true. Caregivers can only do so much on their own. You have to be able to hand over some tasks, even when it’s difficult. These ideas can help you to get more comfortable doing just that.

Make a Master List of Tasks

Elderly Care Chester, PA: What Can You Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed?

You’re always going to need to be doing things. Keeping a master list of tasks can help, not just because it can ensure that you don’t miss anything that needs to be done. That master list of tasks can also help you to answer questions from others about helping you. Sometimes people look at these types of lists as something intimidating. But it’s good to have these nagging big and little tasks out of your head.

Practice Asking for Help

It’s not easy to get comfortable asking for help. The best way to get past that discomfort is to start asking for help more often. Use your master task list and pick a task that someone you know would likely be able to handle for you. Gather your courage and take that plunge. The worst that someone can say is no, and that’s actually fine. What you’re looking for more than anything is the practice in asking for assistance.

Say Yes to Help

Something that might surprise you is that you likely get offers of help that you don’t recognize. Even if the type of help being offered isn’t what you were wanting or expecting, if it frees up time or energy for you at all, start saying yes more often. The offers of help that you’re getting will likely become better, because turning down help, even if you’re doing it subconsciously, causes people to stop offering help to you.

Reconsider Elderly Care Providers

You might have opted against hiring elderly care providers for a variety of reasons, but the reality is that they can help you in ways that other family members just can’t. You can rely on home care providers to be there when you need them the most. You’re also able to leave your senior with them when you have to be somewhere else, which might not be possible with anyone else.

That urge you have to keep doing as much as you possibly can for your senior is definitely admirable, but it’s going to ultimately keep you in a perpetual state of overwhelm. You have to be able to hand off tasks to someone else, even if it’s only a little more often than you do now.


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