What are Senior Home Care Services?

Senior home care services are also known as senior care, elder care or elderly care services. They are designed to help adults overcome the challenges of aging and live safely and successfully in their own home.

Home Care Services Pair Professional Caregivers with Seniors who Need a Little Help—or a Lot of Help

Home care agencies pair professional caregivers with seniors who need assistance in any number of areas. The level of assistance can range from very little help to an extensive amount, depending on the individual senior’s needs.

Home Care Services are Customized for each Senior

Home Care Drexel Hill, PA: Senior Home Care Services

Home care services are tailored to each individual’s preferences. Even the schedule is completely customizable. Depending on the situation, a home care schedule might include:


  • A few hours here and there, for example to correspond with particular appointments
  • Routine visits once or each week
  • Once — or more — daily
  • 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Home Care Services Make it Simple

Home care agencies take care of the challenges of finding and vetting reliable caregivers. They perform background checks and ensure the aides are properly trained. They also ensure that someone will be there as scheduled if the regular aide may be unexpectedly unavailable.

What Services does Home Care Offer?

Home care offers a wide variety of services and pride themselves on meeting individuals’ unique needs. Seniors often request an assortment of services to be provided within each visit. Listed below are a sample of common services provided by home care agencies. Talk to the agency directly to find out how they can accommodate your senior’s unique situation and needs.

Light housework

Keeping a clean house is important for safe and healthy functioning in the home. Laundry, washing dishes, picking up clutter and performing other light housework is a very popular home care service. These chores can be difficult or dangerous for seniors, and they may sap their limited energy.


Light housework can be an especially good way to introduce home care services slowly to a senior who may be hesitant to fully embrace them right off the bat. Once the senior has gotten to know and trust their home care aide, they are often more comfortable with allowing them to help in other areas.


Home care aides are able to prepare simple meals for seniors, which can make a big difference in their health and safety.


They can help with meal preparation ahead of time. For example, they can make and wrap sandwiches or plates of food for easy access later. They may come in once a day or once a week to prepare meals and snacks to last until their next visit.

Transportation, Shopping and Errands

Driving can be a hard thing to give up for many older adults. Home care can be a lifesaver for seniors who still want to get out and about but are no longer able to drive. Home care aides can transport seniors to medical appointments, or other engagements and activities. They can take them shopping, or can even shop or run various errands on their behalf.

Personal Care

Home care aides are trained to provide proper assistance with personal care, such as bathing, using the toilet and dressing.

Companionship and Activities

Many seniors appreciate the companionship of home care aides, and come to treasure their relationships and time together. Some seniors really benefit from companionship and assistance with activities, such as going for walks, manicures, reading or working puzzles together.


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