Use Technology and Home Health Care to Aid Your Mom’s Recovery After a Fall

December 17th is National Device Appreciation Day. Technology has pros and cons, but after a fall, it can help with your mom’s recovery. Pair it with home health care services and she’ll be on her feet and gaining confidence in little time.

The Benefits of Technology After a Fall

Home Health Care Springfield, PA:Technology and Home Health Care

Home Health Care Springfield, PA:Technology and Home Health Care

Your mom fell, and you’re looking beyond her recovery to ways to keep her safer. Technology can make a big difference when it comes to safety.

Smart bulbs are one of the first devices to consider. Paired with a smart speaker, she can turn lights in rooms on and off using vocal commands. She can also pick the brightness.

If she is going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she needs some lighting but doesn’t want it bright. She can turn on the bulbs in her bathroom to 40% and have a nightlight effect. Or, she’s just gotten home after having dinner with you. She can turn on her entry, stair, and living room lights from her phone.

Motion sensors and a smartwatch that detect falls also help keep her safe. You don’t want her to fall again, but if she does, there are video sensors and her smartwatch noting the fall. An advisor will contact your mom to make sure she’s okay. If she’s not responding or says she’s hurt, the advisor dispatches emergency services and calls you.

A smart speaker is very handy while your mom is recovering. If she’s supposed to stay off her feet or has to remain in bed for a few days, she can use a smart speaker to turn on her TV and play a show or movie. She can ask it to play music, play a game, or find a podcast for her to listen to.

The Benefits of Home Health Care After a Fall

One of the first things your mom needs to do after a fall is work with a physical therapist to help with pain management, balance, and stamina. She may need to improve flexibility in a joint that was impacted during a fall. Home health care allows her to work with a physical therapist in her home.

If she needed surgery, healing incisions require expert care to prevent infection. She’ll need a home health care nurse to change bandages, clean the wound, and check for infection. That’s another service you need to look at.

Your mom may be on pain medications or injectable steroids while she heals. A nurse can come to her home and administer those medications.

Get started by talking to an advisor. You’ll get expert answers to your questions and concerns, plus you’ll learn more about prices and schedules. All of which help you make the best decisions for your mom’s recovery.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Health Care in Springfield, PA please contact the caring staff at True Direct Home Health Care today.

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