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Tips to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Physically Active

Are you trying to help your elderly loved one live a more active life? Maybe you have recently noticed that your elderly loved one sits in their recliner more than they used to. You may have recently taken them to the doctor and found out they are a bit overweight. No matter why you are trying to help your elderly loved one be more physically active, there are some tips that can help.  

Starting Out Right

Caregiver Media, PA: Keeping Physically Active

If your elderly loved one isn’t too thrilled about needing to be more physically active, it is that much more important that you start out right. For instance, if you or one of their caregivers tries to push them into doing intense workouts, they are going to be resistant. However, if you ask your elderly loved one to go for morning walks with you, they might be more open to the idea of being physically active.  


It is also a great idea to set goals when starting out. For instance, if your elderly loved one needs to lose 10 pounds, you can make goals with them. One goal could be that they lose 2 pounds in the first month. Since that is only ½ a pound each week, your elderly loved one might be more confident they can meet the goal.  

Aging Better 

Another way that you can help your elderly loved one get physically active is by talking to them about aging better. For instance, if your elderly loved one doesn’t have many friends, you or their caregivers might suggest they visit a senior center. There are many activities and programs at these seniors that encourage physical activity such as walking, gardening, etc. However, your elderly loved one might only see it as being fun.  

Make it More Fun 

In addition to the senior center programs and activities, you can make things more fun for your elderly loved one when doing other physical activities. For instance, you could have one of their grandchildren come over and play catch with them. You could also have a dance party if your elderly loved one enjoys dancing. Making things fun makes exercise less intimidating.  


These are some of the tips to keep or to get your elderly loved one physically active. It is important that your elderly loved one keeps moving. If they just sit around most of the time, they are more likely to get health problems. In addition, the health problems they already have are likely to get worse if they aren’t physically active. Use these tips to help your elderly loved one get moving.  


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