Tips for Working With a Physical Therapist

Following a stroke, your dad will be spending a lot of time with a physical therapist. He’s already experiencing mental and emotional strain after his stroke, and you want to make sure that his appointments with his physical therapist go smoothly. These tips can help out when your dad needs to work with a physical therapist.

Talk to Him in Advance

Physical Therapy Broomall, PA: Seniors and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Broomall, PA: Seniors and Physical Therapy

Your dad is probably pretty familiar with some of the exercises he’s going to do to gain strength and mobility. It’s very likely that he started doing some of them in the hospital. Before his therapist arrives or before you leave the home, talk to your dad about what to expect.

Go over how long the appointment is, how often he’ll be going, and what he should do to get prepared. When he’s mentally ready for appointment days, it’s less stressful for both of you.

Introduce the Physical Therapist First

Before your dad starts working with a physical therapist. Let him meet his therapist by having them sit down and chat over a glass of water or a cup of decaf tea or coffee. Give him time to get comfortable with the therapist.

Taking a few minutes to make introductions can help him feel less anxious. Once he’s comfortable, they can get started.

Work on the Exercises Between Appointments

In between physical therapy appointments, make sure your dad works on his exercises. The more he practices them, the easier it gets over the days and weeks.

You can do the exercises with him in a show of support. If you’re doing them at the same time, he’s not as likely to feel self-conscious. It’s even better if you have a hard time with some of the exercises. He won’t feel alone in his struggles.

Have Your Dad Dressed and Ready to Go

Whether you take your dad to a physical therapy office or a therapist comes to his house, have your dad dressed in comfortable clothing. Make sure he’s eaten something so that his hunger isn’t distracting him from the exercises he needs to do.

Don’t Interrupt

If you see your dad struggling, do not intervene. Leave the room if it bothers you. He may get frustrated, and it can be hard to watch. As a family caregiver, a physical therapy appointment is a good time to take a walk and de-stress.

Stay out of the way and let the therapist do their job. The more focused your dad is on his exercises and the therapist’s directions, the more effective his sessions are.

Arrange Home Health Care Visits

If possible, arrange to have physical therapists come to your dad’s home. He won’t have to get in and out of a car and walk into a physical therapy office. When he’s having services in his home, the familiar setting helps him stay relaxed and calm.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Physical Therapy in Broomall, PA please contact the caring staff at True Direct Home Health Care today.

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