The Nights Are Getting Colder and That Means Increasing Safety Risks for Some Seniors at Home

As we move through October, most of the country is experiencing a cooling down from the summer heat. Some portions of the country, of course, are still wrangling with intense heat, but those are more isolated pockets now rather than the norm. As a result of this normal cooling down at this time of the year, it’s important to stay focused on safety for elderly seniors who are living at home. 

As the days get shorter, the light disappears more quickly in the evening hours, that means the nights are getting longer. And colder. 

How could that impact an elderly person’s safety at home? There are actually a number of factors that can contribute to mishaps, slip and fall accidents, or other critical safety issues that should be addressed as soon as possible. 


It doesn’t take much cold air to create a potentially dangerous situations.

Senior Care Broomall, PA: Increased Safety Risks

Hypothermia doesn’t just affect the person who falls into the icy cold water. It can affect anyone, so long as they are exposed to extremely cold temperatures without adequate clothing, blankets, or other material to keep them warm. 

As the nights get colder in some regions of the country, it could dip below freezing at any time now. 

If that happens and an elderly person doesn’t have their heating systems turned on yet, that can be a major problem. It can also be a serious situation if the windows are older, get stuck, and that elderly person can’t close them properly. 

Even a simple draft can become a dangerous situation for somebody who doesn’t have the physical ability to make sure the windows are all closed and sealed up tight. 


Now is the time to look at all potential factors that can harm an elderly person in the colder months ahead. 

Right now is a great time to remind somebody to get their heating system inspected, maintained, and repaired, if needed. This is a time when most HVAC professionals are experiencing slower service calls. 

In other words, they have plenty of time to get out and inspect the heating system before the coldest months roll in. 

Also, inspect all windows and make sure if there are storm windows that they are securely in place and that the main portion of the window opens and closes easily in order to seal it in place. 

Doing this now can make a world of difference, especially with unpredictable weather patterns weve been noticing developing all across the country. 


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