The Benefits Of In Home Physical Therapy For Seniors

Physical Therapy Upper Darby PA

Physical Therapy Upper Darby PA

Many people think that physical therapy is something that is only needed after an injury. It’s true that it is often needed after an injury, especially by seniors who have had a fall. But physical therapy can also help seniors prevent falls and injuries.

Become More Active

Doctors and researchers all say the same thing, that physical activity is absolutely essential for seniors. Seniors who make physical activity a priority and engage in some type of physical activity most days of the week, have better health, live longer, and usually have a better quality of life than seniors who don’t.

If there is a fountain of youth, it’s exercise. Seniors who are over the age of 65 often have old injuries or aches and pains that limit their ability to be active. Physical therapy can correct old injuries and improve range of motions so that seniors can be more active.

Stay Active

Seniors that are already active know the many benefits of getting as much exercise as possible. Sometimes that pushes seniors to overdo it when it comes to exercising, and they get hurt.

Physical therapy can help seniors heal sports injuries or injuries resulting from exercising improperly. With regular physical therapy and a willingness to explore other types of activity, seniors who enjoy being active can maintain their current activity levels.

Improve Flexibility And Mobility

Another way that physical therapy helps seniors as they get older is that it helps seniors become more flexible. That additional flexibility will help seniors stay mobile for longer so that they are able to stay in their homes as they get older without worrying about navigating stairs or rough terrain outside their homes.

With dedicated physical therapy designed to help seniors your senior parent may get into the best shape they’ve ever been in physically.

Get Back Strength And Mobility After A Fall

The recovery time that seniors go through after a fall can cause a rapid decline in their mobility. As seniors spend time in the hospital or a rehab facility, they will lose muscle. Their muscles are shrinking because they aren’t getting the exercise they need to strengthen them.

Physical therapy once or twice a week can really help seniors improve their strength and flexibility. Or, it can also help build it back up if they’ve been used to being sedentary for a long time.

After a fall, it may be focused on recovering strength and movement in an arm, leg, or whatever body parts were hurt. The process of getting physical therapy will really help the entire body not just the injured part of the body. Seniors should come out of the process with more flexibility and strength than they had when they first started it.

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