Should You Worry About Your Mom’s Fatigue?

You’ve noticed that your mom is always tired. She goes to bed earlier than she used to. But, she doesn’t have as much energy as she did when she was younger. Is this normal, or should you be concerned?

Take Her to the Doctor

In-Home Care Darby, PA: Seniors and Fatigue

Start by taking her to her doctor. She may simply not be getting enough sleep. If outside noises, like a neighbor coming home, keep waking her up at midnight, the interruption could be the cause of her fatigue. Her doctor can help her pinpoint issues of this nature.

Your mom may have an underlying illness. Cancer, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis are just a few chronic health conditions that can cause fatigue. If your mom’s thyroid function isn’t normal, that can also make her feel tired.

Blood test results can help pinpoint reasons for fatigue. If her blood sugar or iron levels are off, that can also make her feel tired.

Finally, her emotional health can lead to feelings of fatigue and loss of energy. Anxiety and depression are two leading reasons for fatigue.

Take Steps to Help Her Make Changes

Once you’ve talked to her doctor and ruled out or found health issues, focus on things she can control. Exercise can help her feel more energetic. Have your mom start taking daily walks. Go with her or have a caregiver available to join her.

Improve her diet. If she’s sticking to high-fat, high-sugar foods, she may find her energy levels plummet a few hours later. A diet rich in vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is best.

Make sure your mom is getting enough sleep. If she goes to bed at midnight to avoid missing her favorite show and gets up at 5 a.m., she’s not sleeping long enough. Teach her how to record her show so that she can go to bed earlier. If she insists on staying up, she needs to sleep in later.

Have Caregivers Available to Help Out

Are any of the medications your mom has to take making her tired? She has to take the pills for her health, but one of the side effects is fatigue. She needs to take them, so work with her to find ways to rest as much as she needs.

Consider hiring in-home care to help her out. Even if she’s healthy and the lack of energy is related to her prescriptions, in-home care will make it easier for her to get things done without draining her energy. Call a specialist in-home care to learn more.

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