Poor Hygiene for an Aging Senior Could Very Well Be a Sign Home Care Should Be Discussed

Most of us enjoy looking at our best. We want to present a good façade, a good outward appearance when we are in public, around friends, or visiting with family. Most Americans today will take a shower each morning or, at the very least, in the evening. That’s one way to keep good hygiene.

There are also many other aspects to good, personal hygiene, including brushing your teeth, cleaning your clothing, washing your face, brushing and straightening your hair in the morning, and so forth. If an aging senior is showing signs of poor personal hygiene, and especially if this is not normal for them, it could be a sign of certain challenges.


It could be a sign they need home care support.

Senior Care Drexel Hill, PA: Poor Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene can be the result of many issues, including dementia which includes Alzheimer’s. It could also be due to limitations, such as poor mobility, and other physical challenges. If an aging senior is having difficulty getting around, getting dressed, and doing other simple tasks, he or she might be reluctant to get into the shower or a tub to properly bathe.

If they have other cognitive issues arising due to health issues, a medical emergency, or other conditions, they might forget these simple tasks that most of us take for granted. If this is what’s happening, it may be time to sit down and talk about your concerns with this elderly senior.


Why is home care such a valuable option?
For seniors who may be exhibiting poor personal hygiene, something that is completely out of the ordinary for them, there could be any number of reasons, including the ones we already mentioned. While family and friends might be more than willing to help so they can do these things, it’s not always a comfortable situation.

While you, as an adult child, might not have a problem helping your aging mother or father into and out of the shower, are they going to be as comfortable with it? They might not, so they don’t even ask for help.

A professional, experienced home care aide is a far better option for somebody dealing with these physical challenges. Your aging parent may be more open to the idea of a professional, seasoned home care provider coming into the house and assisting them with several personal hygiene matters.

Of course, you won’t know until you talk to them about it, and the sooner you do it, the more helpful it could be.


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