How Do You Know It’s Time to Consider Home Health Care Services?

Home health care is a valuable asset for people of just about any age. However, it’s more likely that an aging senior will depend on home health care services than a younger adult. 

It’s not always easy to determine when it’s time to call on the support of a home health care aide, and far too many families endure tremendous stress and frustration supporting an aging loved one themselves. 

The more you know and understand about home health care, the easier it’s going to be for you to make the decision to use these services. Keep in mind, so long as an elderly person has the mental faculty and ability to make cogent, reasoned decisions for themselves, it is, ultimately, up to them, for the most part. 


What are home health care services?

Home Health Care Philadelphia, PA: Home Health Care Services

These are, essentially, medical services provided to a client in the comfort of their home. It is not the same as home care. Home care can provide basic supports like assistance getting out of bed, help with toileting and bathing, preparing meals, light housekeeping, transportation services to get to doctors appointments and go grocery shopping, and so on. 

A home health care provider may be able to assist with some or all of that, depending on their specific job description, but more often than not it is focused on nursing care. 

This could include administering medications to a client, assisting with mobility, checking vital stats and reporting that information back to the client’s doctor for proper monitoring, and so forth. 

A home health care provider may also check the temperature of the client, do general health checkups, and assist with other basic medical necessities. 


So, how do you know when it’s time to consider home health care? 

If an elderly family member, like your mother or father, has recently been hospitalized and is set to be discharged or was recently discharged, but still requires regular medical attention, a home health care aide is a valuable asset. 

If that aging senior has to monitor their blood sugar levels, take a regimen of medications, requires an IV or injections consistently, then a home health care provider is necessary. 

If this senior has to go through physical therapy and it’s possible to do at home, but still needs to monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital stats while they do so, a home health care provider is an essential component in that. 

Whenever direct medical attention is necessary or beneficial at home, consider home health care services. 


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