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After a Hospital Stay: Home Health Care Chester PA

After a Hospital Stay: Home Health Care Chester PA

When you senior loved one is released after a hospital stay from a medical event like a heart attack or a stroke, they are going to be doing the majority of their recovery at home. Home health care can give you and your other family members the peace of mind of knowing that a medical professional will be there with your senior parent to monitor their condition and make sure that their recovery is progressing the way it should.

Seniors often recover faster when they can recover at home where they are comfortable and where they are surrounded by familiar things. While seniors are recovering, it can be helpful to have home health care so that a medical professional there. Here are a few things they can do.

Clean And Dress Surgical Incisions

If your senior parent is home recovering from any type of major surgery their surgical incisions need to be monitored for signs of infection. They also need to be cleaned and have the bandages changed regularly. A skilled medical professional who is caring your senior parent at home can monitor your senior parent’s incision and make sure that there’s no infection. If they do see signs of infection they can immediately get the advice of your senior parent’s doctor and if necessary administer medication.

Monitor Vital Signs

After surgery or a medical event like a heart attack or stroke it’s very important that any changes in your loved one’s vital signs like their heart rate, oxygen levels, and respiration rate are noticed as soon as possible. Those changes could alert a medical professional and let them know your senior parent is about to have another medical event. This is especially important if your senior loved one has had a stroke, because it’s very common for seniors to have a stroke if they already had one. Having a skilled nurse monitoring your senior loved one’s vital signs can make a big difference in how fast your senior loved one can get help.

Give Medications

When your senior parent comes from the hospital after a stay for a medical event or surgery they are likely going to be on a lot of new medications in addition to medications they were already taking. Having a home health care provider in the home caring for your senior parent means that your senior parent will always get the medications they are supposed to be taking at the right times. And if your senior loved one has any particularly bad side effects from the medication the nurse can check in with the doctor to see if any changes need to be made.

Physical Therapy

After a long hospital stay seniors often need physical therapy to help them get their mobility back. A home health care provider can help with physical therapy and daily exercises that will increase your senior parent’s flexibility and strength so that they can get back up on their feet and moving around freely again in no time.

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