Why Home Care Services Are In Demand

Bradley worried about his elderly mother, who is 81. She had developed diabetes and suffers from foot pain. Because of that, his mother no longer leaves the house much, except for driving to the grocery store once per week. Because she has slowed down physically, she struggled to take care of herself with self-care tasks like bathing, showering and house cleaning.

Due to his job and his family, Bradley was unable to provide his mother with the constant attention she needed, and he worried about her future as her health slowly declines. His mother was adamant that she didn’t want to go to a retirement home, but Bradley didn’t see another way. Then, he heard about home care services and wanted to know more.

Home Care Drexel Hill PA - Why Home Care Services Are In Demand

Home Care Drexel Hill PA – Why Home Care Services Are In Demand

The number of American adults in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s is greater than ever, and experts estimate that those numbers will continue to soar as the baby boomer group continues to dominate the aging services market with their home care needs. The good news is that many companies are rising up to meet these needs, giving family caregivers and their aging relatives some options when it comes to in-home elder care services.

Here are a few statistics on home care and America’s seniors provided by the Institute on Aging. These numbers provide a good overview on the escalating needs of the elderly in America. From urban and suburban to rural communities, the demand for home care services is on the rise:

• In 2010, seniors accounted for 13% of the US population.
• It is estimated that by 2030, seniors will be 20% of the population.
• Nearly 1/3 of elderly adults outside retirement homes live alone.
• Of seniors who live alone, nearly 40% are women.
• More than 2/3 of US seniors over age 85 are women.
• For seniors over age 85, nearly half of all women live with functional limitations compared to 1/3 of the men.
• Just over 55% of elderly Americans over age 80 live with a severe disability.
• Ninety-one percent of elderly adults suffer from a chronic health condition, according to a 2005 study.
• Diabetes increased from 13 percent of all seniors in 1997 to more than 50 percent in 2006.
• Approximately 65% of US seniors rely exclusively on family or friends for long-term care.

It’s no wonder why family caregivers and their aging loved ones are looking at home care agencies for their in-home needs. Among the multiple benefits are that it is more affordable than a long-term facility and the elderly person avoids the trauma of moving. Other benefits include more personalized, one-on-one care, proximity to family and friends, and less demand for family caregivers.

There’s no doubt that as America’s population continues to age and family members look at their options, that home care services will rise to meet the demand. Consider the many benefits that home care can offer your senior loved one today.

Source:  https://www.ioaging.org/aging-in-america

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