Four Tips When You’re Feeling Angry

You might not want to admit that you’re feeling angry a lot more often than you used to. But for many caregivers, that’s a common occurrence. There’s usually a reason and it might be difficult to pinpoint at first.

When Did the Anger Pop Up?

Elderly Care Darby, PA: Four Tips When You’re Feeling Angry

When you can start to learn what your anger triggers are and when the anger is more likely to pop up, you can start to take other steps to deal with it the right way. There are so many situations in which anger is exactly the right response. What might need to change is how you’re responding to that feeling. Underlying causes of anger, such as feeling as if you’re not getting your own needs met, need to be resolved or those triggers will still exist.

Learn to Vent Anger Appropriately
How you vent your anger is crucial. There are valid ways of dealing with anger, like exercising instead of throwing a pillow across the room, and there are ways that are not so productive. If you’re shouting a lot or you’re experiencing anger all the time, you might need to do some more work on managing those feelings. The very first step is being aware of what you’re doing and what your reactions are, though.

Give Yourself Time That Is Yours
One of the biggest roadblocks for caregivers is that there’s not much time that you can devote just to yourself. That can cause resentment and other problems to fester and that’s going to explode eventually. Do what you can to start taking time that is just for you. If you’re not sure that you can leave your senior alone, hire elderly care providers. They can make sure that all is well while you’re gone and they may even be able to lighten your task load in other ways, too.

Reach Out to Others
Let other people in your life know what you’re dealing with on a daily basis. Reaching out to friends and to family members might get you help that you badly need. Often friends and family want to help, but aren’t sure how to do so. Support groups are another way for you to reach out to other people about how you’re feeling. These are non-judgmental groups of caregivers going through the same situations you are.

Anger is a normal emotion, but it can cause problems if you don’t deal with it appropriately. Channeling it into positive actions will help you the most.

Excerpt: If you’re feeling a lot angrier than usual lately, these tips might help.


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