Four Tips to Encourage Cooperation from Your Senior

What happens when you ask your senior to do something specific? You might be surprised if she’s pushing back and refusing to cooperate with some of the solutions you’re proposing for her. There’s got to be another way, though. Some of the answers might surprise you. 

Compromise Some Yourself

Senior Care Broomall, PA: Encouraging Cooperation

If you’re looking for compromise from your elderly family member, you may need to compromise first. That helps her to see that you’re giving and not just demanding that she give in. Compromising also keeps you from making demands of your senior that are more likely to make her dig in her heels. Decide what you’re willing to offer your senior in exchange for what you’re asking of her. 

Be Flexible 

Your senior isn’t cooperating with you, for whatever reason, and may be getting more set on not cooperating. If you’re doing the same thing, you’re going to reach an impasse very quickly. What can help is for you to be more flexible with her about how things get done and how you approach solving problems. This can go hand in hand with compromising a bit. 

Ask Why 

Stop and ask your senior why she doesn’t want to cooperate with whatever you’re asking of her. It’s possible that she has a different perspective on what’s happening and you’re actually dealing with a misunderstanding. Or she may have a very good reason for wanting to do things her way. If you’re stuck on doing things your way without listening to what she has to say, you may miss something really important 

Stay Calm 

The more worked up you get, the more worked up your senior is going to get, too. If you’re able to stay calm, though, you’re going to be able to share that feeling of calm with your senior. Situations in which you start to feel agitated or upset are ones that you need to take a deep breath and approach from a different angle. Talk to your elderly family member when you’re both calm, so that you can get the best results possible for both of you. 

Sometimes it’s a good idea for you to step back for a bit, too. Having senior care providers handling some situations with your elderly family member can give you some space and allows you to reset things on your end. Your elderly family member may be more cooperative with senior care providers, too. 

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