Five Tips for Managing Caregiver Exhaustion

Caregiver exhaustion is a specific type of exhaustion that develops as a result of pushing yourself to do too much, too often. If you’re feeling exhausted all the time, you need to take steps now to remedy what’s going on.

Evaluate How Much You’re Doing

Elderly Care Broomall, PA: Managing Caregiver Exhaustion

If you’re veering into exhaustion, that means you’re doing too much. What can you delegate to someone else? Chances are that you’re trying to do everything yourself and that is not sustainable. You need to be able to delegate some tasks to other people a little more often.

Respite Care Is What You Need
Little breaks are one thing and if you’re not giving yourself those, you’re probably not taking longer breaks, either. You need to consider the benefits of hiring elderly care providers to take over and to give you respite time. These are people you can trust with your senior, which allows you to lean into this time away and let it give you what you need.

Self-care Should Be Your Focus
What you’re really lacking is self-care and a solid self-care plan. You need to focus on what you need and how you can provide that to yourself. Some small examples to start with include exercising more often, eating foods that give you huge nutritional benefits, and getting the rest you need. Start there and then you can build out your self-care plan more.

Daily Habits Underline Self-care
Your self-care plan is what you need to do and your daily habits are how you’re going to do that. For instance, making sure that you get to bed at a decent time is going to help you to get better sleep, which should be part of your self-care plan. Look at how your habits either help you or hinder you and you’ll see what changes you need to make.

Support Groups Can Help
One tool that caregivers often overlook is how helpful other caregivers can be on this journey. Caregiver support groups allow you to hear from other caregivers and share what has helped you. They can offer you tips that you might not have considered that can make your life easier.

The first step in getting caregiver exhaustion behind you is to recognize when you’re there. From there, you can put consistent action behind what you know you need to be doing. That’s going to give you results that you can see and feel.

Excerpt: Caregiver exhaustion isn’t just you saying you’re tired one afternoon. It’s a cumulative problem that really adds up.


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