Five Benefits of IV Therapy at Home After Your Senior Has Surgery

If your elderly family member has just had surgery, then helping her to heal as quickly and as well as possible is high on your goal list. IV therapy might be a way to meet that goal. 

Vitamins and Nutrients Skip the Digestive Process

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One of the disadvantages to eating and to taking vitamins orally is that it takes a little while for those items to get through the digestive process and to get to a point where your senior’s body can use them. This can take a while, and if you’re looking to get some nutrients and vitamins into your senior’s body quickly, IV is the way to go. Both nutrition and vitamins assist in healing, which is vital after surgery. 

Your Senior Avoids Dehydration 

Another problem after surgery can be that your senior either forgets to hydrate or is in and out of sleep so much that she might not get as much hydration as she needs. By using IV therapy, your senior is able to rehydrate quickly after surgery and stay hydrated as she recovers. Dehydration is a big problem for older adults, but it’s especially worrisome after surgery. 

Medications Can Be Given via IV 

If your elderly family member finds that swallowing pills after surgery is uncomfortable or that oral medications take longer to take effect, her doctor may recommend that she gets her medications via IV. This can help her to get the medications that she needs without being uncomfortable in the process. 

IV Therapy Is Fast 

IV therapy works much more quickly than other types of treatments do. If your elderly family member is trying to increase her activity levels after surgery, IV treatments won’t get in her way. Most IV treatments can be completed in around an hour or so, leaving her plenty of time until she needs another one. 

Your Senior Can Get IV Treatment in Bed or Wherever She’s Comfortable 

Depending on the type of surgery your senior has had and how she’s recuperating, she may be in bed or she may be resting in a chair. IV therapy can go wherever she is and only requires that her arm is available. Your senior is able to be more comfortable than she might be by going into her doctor’s office or by having to go back to the hospital for the same types of treatments. 

Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether IV therapy administered by home health care providers is the right answer for her after surgery.  


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