Essential Nutrients For Seniors

Seniors’ digestion is typically much slower than a younger adult. This is something that is natural, and that cannot be stopped, it is part of aging. As the body ages, nutrition needs to change, which can be hard to deal with. Not all seniors will know what they should be eating, and it is important for them to ask a doctor and then communicate those needs to senior home care. Having a team of professionals can be one of the best ways to stay healthy and live longer.

There are many reasons digestion may change as an older adult ages. They may be less active than they used to be, they may have other conditions outside of old age, or the body absorbs nutrients differently than it used to. Although this list of nutrients is a basic key to healthy living, it will be important for senior home care to urge the older adult to get their blood tested. These blood tests will help determine which specific vitamin a senior is low on. With that information, senior home care can help create a meal plan to add in those vitamins and nutrients.

Chronic conditions and medications can also affect a senior and what they consume. If they have trouble tasting because of medications, it can be hard to work around. Sometimes swallowing becomes difficult, and senior home care will have to find alternatives to hard or crunchy food like soups and smoothies. Take a look at these nutrients that all seniors should try to consume every day.


Senior Home Care Darby, PA: Essential Nutrients

Sometimes a senior’s bones will start to become brittle, and that is where calcium can help play a huge role. This is the building block of supporting healthy bones and can be crucial for seniors to have in their diets. Snacking on yogurt or adding yogurt to a smoothie is a great way to add calcium to a diet.

Vitamin D

When you think of vitamin D, you may think of sunshine. However, there are extra supplements a senior can take to get a full dose, especially during winter. When a senior is low on vitamin D, it can affect moods and bone strength. A doctor will be able to help tell if a senior is low on vitamin D and can help them choose out supplements that are easy for a senior to take. Although getting outside regularly and consuming things like fish and some dairy may be better sources of vitamin D.


You may be trying to force down tons of meat, but the truth is there are other ways to get protein. Senior home care can make lentil soups, chickpea salads, and tofu. Protein is important for muscle recovery and growth. It is something seniors should be eating to maintain optimal health.


A diet that is low in fiber can lead to irregular and uncomfortable bowel movements. Fiber aids digestion, and that can be super beneficial for a senior. Luckily, this is something that is easy to get in a diet. Senior home care can focus on fruits like bananas, apples, and strawberries and vegetables like broccoli and green peas.

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