Is Your Aging Adult’s Home Telling You Something that She Can’t?

Sometimes you have to look to other items in your aging adult’s life to let you know that she’s having problems. One such item could be your elder family member’s home itself.

Elder Care Upper Darby PA - Is Your Aging Adult's Home Telling You Something that She Can't?

Elder Care Upper Darby PA – Is Your Aging Adult’s Home Telling You Something that She Can’t?

It Isn’t as Clean as Usual

If your aging adult’s home isn’t as clean as it usually is, this can be a sign of bigger problems. It’s possible that your elderly family member can’t physically manage keeping the house clean, of course. But it’s also possible that there are other issues at play. It’s best to do some investigating to narrow down the cause.

There Are a Lot of Maintenance Issues

Keeping up with a home can be extremely difficult. It might be more than your elder can handle on her own, but she might feel like a burden telling you that. Ask your elderly family member proactively what you can do to help her maintain her home. She may take your genuine offer at face value and start giving you a list.

There Are Some Odd Smells

Odd smells can mean that the house isn’t too clean or it can also point to maintenance problems. Regardless of the cause, it needs investigating in order to get to the proper solution. If possible, consider bringing in someone with experience with these issues, such as a contractor or a home inspector.

Light Bulbs Don’t Work

Light bulbs are something really simple. They can be annoying to replace, but almost anyone can replace a bulb, unless it’s in a difficult spot to reach. So if your elderly family member’s lamps and light fixtures are easy to reach and still have burned out bulbs, this can be a sign that keeping up with even simple housekeeping tasks is getting to be too much.

You’re Finding Random Issues

Your aging adult’s home may have some specific issues to her household that indicate to you that something isn’t right. In many cases, it might just be an oversight, but it could also be something that requires you to pay more attention to your aging adult’s health and well-being.

Giving your elder family member some extra help is definitely necessary at this point and you might need help, too. Consider hiring elder care providers who can help with more consistent light housework or even companionship for your aging adult while you tackle the heavy lifting.

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