Five Categories of Potential Trouble for Your Senior

As your elderly family member ages, it is vital for you to be able to spot those areas that indicate changes in your senior’s health and well-being. These are some of the larger signs to watch for in terms of keeping your senior safe and healthy.

Physical Health

Elder Care Springfield, PA: Trouble Areas for Seniors

Elder Care Springfield, PA: Trouble Areas for Seniors

Changes to your senior’s physical health can cover a lot of ground. She may experience weight changes, difficulty managing chronic health issues, or a host of other concerns. For instance, your elderly family member might find walking to be more difficult gradually, which can be a sign of bigger issues brewing.

Household Changes
Your senior’s home can also tell you a lot about what is going on in her life. If her house isn’t as clean as it used to be or you’re noticing other changes that can be something to pay attention to. Look for clues such as whether she’s got plenty of food or her fridge is empty. This information can point to other potential issues.

Mood and Personality Changes
Everybody has off days, but if you’re starting to notice that your elderly family member’s moods are consistently different than they have been in the past there might be other issues at play. Some of the changes that you might notice could lead you to helping her to deal with depression or other mental health issues. Other changes could help you to spot dementia or other illnesses sooner.

Medication Side Effects
The medications that your elderly family member takes can have a huge impact on her daily health. In most cases, those medications improve her life. But the side effects from the medication can also have a huge effect on your elderly family member. Over time, side effects can change, even if your senior has taken that medication for a long time.

Trouble Driving
Driving is a complicated process and when your senior isn’t able to drive safely any longer, that can be a sign that other issues also exist. Pay attention to smaller details, such as whether there’s damage to the car that wasn’t there before. Those kinds of details can help you to determine if it’s time to talk about your senior giving up driving.

One of the solutions that you might want to consider for a variety of these problems is to hire elder care providers. They can ensure that your senior is safe and that she’s got her needs met. This is especially a helpful solution when you’re not able to be with her as much as you want to be, either because of distance or due to other obligations.


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Excerpt: As your senior’s caregiver, you need to know where to put your attention in order to spot possible issues for your elderly family member.


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