What Should You Take if Your Senior Has to Go into the Hospital?

A trip to the hospital can be scary, but it’s even worse if you and your elderly family member are underprepared. Try some of these ideas.

Elder Care Broomall PA - What Should You Take if Your Senior Has to Go into the Hospital?

Elder Care Broomall PA – What Should You Take if Your Senior Has to Go into the Hospital?

Personal Information that You Might Need

If you’ve already got an information sheet for your aging adult, make a copy and bring it with you. This information sheet needs to have information such as:

  • Your senior’s name and address
  • Languages she speaks
  • Contact information for doctors and specialists
  • Your contact information
  • Current medications and dosages
  • Health conditions
  • Allergies or medication reactions
  • Anything else that might be important at all

You might also want to write out what exactly is going on with your elder at this moment. Note when the symptoms began and how they’ve progressed. This information can be extremely helpful when you get to the hospital because when there is all sorts of chaos, you can simply hand the paper to whoever needs the information.

Copies of Paperwork

If there is any paperwork that will become important later, you need to bring it with you. This includes of course any insurance cards. You may also have a healthcare power of attorney for your aging adult and you do need to bring that with you. Any other paperwork that you can think of should come with you both as well.

Clothes and Other Supplies for Your Elder

You may not know how long your senior will be in the hospital. She will likely be put in a hospital gown at some point, but she’ll need clean clothes in which to come home. If she needs any additional supplies, such as incontinence pads or other medical items, be sure to pack them. Also make sure you pack items that could help to distract her, such as her favorite music or a book she’s reading.

Clothes and Other Supplies for You

You’ll also likely want a change of clothes as well as toiletries. Be sure to bring any medication that you take or that you might need, such as ibuprofen for a headache. You may want to take notes, so a notebook and pen could be essential. Snacks, cash, a phone charger, and something for you to occupy your attention with can also be helpful.

Remember that you may need to be with your elder for longer than you anticipate. Even if you know that she may periodically need to go into the hospital, this process can be unnerving. If possible, keep a couple of bags partially packed in advance to speed up the packing process.

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