Common Problems Seen as People Age

As people get older, they are much more likely to experience health issues, falling, and some other things. When you are caring for an aging loved one, it is helpful to know more about some of the common problems seen as people age. The more that you know about these issues, the more assistance you and your loved one’s senior care providers can be to them.  


Senior Care Chester, PA: Problems in Aging

One of the most common issues seen in the elderly is arthritis. This is when your loved one’s joints are inflamed. Arthritis can be a very painful condition. Your loved one might find it difficult to move around. Their back, shoulders, hips, and knees might be stiff. If you need to know what type of arthritis your loved one has, be sure to take them to their doctor. There are many different types of treatments for arthritis. Sometimes the doctors might prescribe exercise, yoga, medications, losing weight, or even physical therapy.  

Heart Issues 

As people get older, their chances of developing heart issues increase, as well. Some people are more prone to heart problems than others. Regardless, the risk of heart disease and other heart health issues increases as people get older. This is because it becomes more difficult for the body to pump enough oxygen throughout the body as someone ages. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, to reduce their risk of developing heart health issues, make sure they are doing light exercises such as resistance training, swimming, and walking. Keep in mind, though, that you should always consult with your loved one’s doctor before having them begin any type of exercise program.  


Your loved one’s chances of falling increase as they age, too. People become weaker as they get older and this increases their risk of falling. With this being said, your loved one’s risk of getting injured from a fall increases as they get older, as well. If you want to help prevent falls in your elderly loved one, be sure that you keep them in a safer living environment. You can do this by reducing clutter in their home, placing down non-slip mats, and opening up the walkways in their home.  

Eyesight and Hearing Issues 

As your loved one gets older, they are more likely to experience eyesight and hearing issues. If you start to notice that your elderly loved one is having a tough time seeing things or hearing what you and others are saying, it is time to have them assessed by their doctor. They might need glasses, eye surgery, hearing aids, or another device to help them see or hear better.  


These are some of the common problems seen as people age. If you are taking care of your elderly loved one, be sure to watch out for these issues. Take your loved one to the doctor if you are concerned for their well-being. 


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