Causes of Unexpected Weight Loss in Seniors

It is natural for elderly people to lose weight as they become older. Much of this is due to the lifestyle changes that occur with reaching your golden years. However, although some weight reduction is anticipated, the weight loss must occur at a healthy pace.


However, too much weight loss can signify a greater problem. If you are noticing an abnormal amount of weight loss in your elderly loved one, it may be a sign that you need to consider hiring 24-hour home care to help your senior age in place. Some seniors forget to eat or can no longer cook for themselves and instead gravitate towards easy foods that are not necessarily nutritional. They may be able to take their medicine on their own but forget, resulting in weight loss. Or they may just hate meal prepping for the week. Whatever it is, 24-hour home care might be the right answer for your loved one. 


Rapid weight loss might impair a person’s ability to do daily duties and put them in danger of falling. It may also cause weariness and exacerbate pre-existing difficulties such as mental disorders. Finally, it may reduce their freedom by requiring them to rely on long-term care from an assisted living facility or another medical provider. Here are a few reasons sudden weight loss may happen. 

It May Be Because of Physiological Issues

The physical body is one of the most apparent places to explore when attempting to detect improper weight loss. Several potential causes might explain why your loved one is losing weight unintentionally. A person’s weight loss may be caused by several chronic health issues. Identified problems must be considered in your assessment, whether they affect their metabolism, alter their food habits, or generate a chemical imbalance. Things like cancer, dementia, diabetes, and hypothyroidism can all change a person’s hunger and weight. 

They May Be Struggling With Psychological Issues

As previously stated, Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia that impact cognition may induce unintentional weight loss since many of the symptoms of dementia entail lifestyle changes that spill over into eating patterns. Another important psychological problem promoting weight loss in elderly is depression. People who are depressed often feel tired and find it difficult to care for themselves properly.

Their Weight Can Drop Due To Medication

Many seniors will be on multiple medications that need to be managed regularly. Medication may impact a senior massively in multiple ways.

24-Hour Home Care Drexel Hill, PA: Weight Loss and Seniors

24-Hour Home Care Drexel Hill, PA: Weight Loss and Seniors

  • It may affect taste or smell. 
  • Medicine can give seniors a dry mouth.
  • It can make them feel nauseous. 

If these are complaints about your senior, you should encourage your parent to talk to their doctor. They may be able to change medication that will have less of an impact on their physical health. 

They May Be Struggling With Social Issues

Social issues tend to be much harder to pick up on and even harder to understand when you are not the one going through them. Social isolation may play a significant role in explaining weight loss. This may lead to despair and cause individuals to stray away from good routines since there are no points of reference to assist them to identify that there is a problem.

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