Are There Effective Ways to Reduce Your Dad’s Stroke Risk?

Every 40 seconds on average, a person in the U.S. suffers a stroke. Around 25 percent of those strokes are first-time strokes. Certain things increase the risk. These are the things your dad needs to do to lower his risk.

Stop Smoking

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If your dad is a smoker, he needs to quit. Not only does it reduce his stroke risk, but it can also lower the risk of many other health conditions. Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular illness, lung cancer, and gum disease.

Pay Attention to Blood Pressure

High blood pressure puts extra strain on your blood vessels. Your dad should see his doctor each year for a blood pressure reading. He can also get his blood pressure taken at the blood pressure machine when he stops by his pharmacist or grocery store.

Ideally, your dad wants his blood pressure to be below 120/80. It may be slightly higher in the doctor’s office due to anxiety before medical tests and exams. If that happens, he could purchase a home blood pressure monitor and take it at home where he’s not likely to be stressed and anxious.

Exercise More

A minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity is important. This includes brisk walks, aerobic activities like Zumba, and swimming. Mixing up activities is ideal. A slow walk with a dog that stops every few feet is not going to get your dad’s heart pumping. He needs to make sure he’s increasing his heart rate for 30 minutes or more each day.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Your dad needs to pay close attention to his diet. He needs to eat more fish and lean meat than beef and pork. He needs to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and whole grains rather than processed grains.

If he’s a burger and fries kind of guy, he needs to learn better ways to satisfy that craving. A chickpea burger on a whole grain bun with a cup of fresh spinach leaves and sliced tomatoes is a healthier choice.

Do You Know the Signs of a Stroke?

Make sure you know the acronym FAST (F-Face, A-Arms, S-Speech, T-Take Action). If your dad’s face droops on one side, his arm won’t stay up when it’s raised, and his speech is slurred, those are the three main signs of a stroke. Immediately call 9-1-1 to get your dad to the hospital. The faster he’s given stroke medications, the higher his odds of recovery.

If he’s had a stroke, he needs help at home. He’ll undergo a lot of care from respiratory, physical, speech, and occupational therapists. He’s also going to need someone to keep his house clean, help him with showering and personal care, and cook his meals. Senior aides can help with all of that.

Call a senior care agency and talk about your dad’s recovery plan. You’ll work with the specialist to learn more about the available services and the cost of caregivers.

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