4 Healthy Fall Breakfast For Seniors

September is National Breakfast Month and with fall on the way it’s the perfect time for seniors to get in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast. Too many seniors skip breakfast because they don’t like to cook or because they can’t cook in the morning. With home care assistance seniors don’t have to skip healthy meals because a home care assistance provider can help them cook health meals and clean up afterward. So make sure that your senior parent has home care assistance or you can help them enjoy these hearty fall breakfasts:


Home Care Upper Darby, PA: National Breakfast Month

Home Care Upper Darby, PA: National Breakfast Month

Eggs are the go-to breakfast because they are easy to cook and they are nutritious. Seniors often don’t get enough protein in their meals. But eggs are a fantastic source of protein and they can be prepared in so many different ways that your senior parent won’t get tired of them. Nothing can beat a classic omelet with bacon or sausage. But eggs are also great with some guacamole and tomato wrapped in a tortilla to create a breakfast burrito. You can also make small individual fritattas in a muffin pan and freeze them so that your senior loved one has breakfast all ready to go and all they will need to do is microwave a frittata. 

Slow Cooked Overnight Oats

When the temperatures start to dip and the mornings are chilly there’s nothing like waking up to a hot breakfast. Your senior parent can wake up to slow cooked overnight oats simmered in milk that can be topped with fruit, yogurt, or any other topping they like. A home care assistance provider can even set up the slow cooker before they leave if your senior loved one has trouble holding, pouring, or lifting things.

 To make this easy dish all that’s necessary is to put an equal amount of whole oats and liquid like milk or water in a slow cooker with some spices and let it simmer down. You can put some apple slices and cinnamon in there too. When your senior loved one wakes up they will take up to the smell of warm delicious oats. 

Cottage Cheese And Fruit

Another great option for a senior parent’s breakfast is an easy to make dish that is high in protein and nutrients but low in calories. Cottage cheese is delicious and creamy and has 25 grams of protein per serving. A cup of cottage cheese mixed with raspberry gelatin powder, a spoonful or two of whipped topping, and fresh fruit is a delicious way to start the morning. And since it’s made with protein heavy cottage cheese it will keep your senior parent full all morning.

Protein Waffles 

With an easy to use mini-waffle maker your senior loved one can enjoy a low carb high protein waffle breakfast. Just mix an egg with a cup of cheese and stir well. Add in a tablespoon of flour and a teaspoon of baking powder and that’s all that’s needed to make a nutritious waffle batter. Use the mini-waffle maker to make 2-3 protein waffles for breakfast.

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