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Kitchen Design Tips Your Dad Needs a Wheelchair

For some reason, your dad needs a wheelchair. Whether it’s permanent or temporary, one of the rooms in his house that needs reorganizing is his kitchen. He needs to be able to get around and reach beverages and foods.

You and other family caregivers can help him from time to time. You may not be able to be there 24/7, however. These kitchen reorganization tips will turn his kitchen into a wheelchair-friendly area for meal and beverage preparation.

Add a Low Table Against a Wall

Home Care Drexel Hill, PA: Kitchen Design Tips

Home Care Drexel Hill, PA: Kitchen Design Tips

If there’s an open wall, clear it out and install a low table. You want a table that is not more than 34 inches off the ground. Don’t put chairs around it. He needs to be able to roll his wheelchair under it.

That table should have the key items your dad needs for cooking meals and getting beverages. It should have a cutting board and knife set. If he cooks, a portable induction burner may be helpful, unless he can reach his stove comfortably. Add a spice rack with the seasonings he uses regularly.

Make the Refrigerator Easier to Open

Tie a rope or belt to the refrigerator door. When he’s trying to maneuver his chair and also open the door, he may find a rope pull makes it easier. The same technique can help him open cabinets.

If there is money in the budget, a refrigerator with the lower freezer drawer or a side-by-side freezer and refrigerator with French doors makes it easier to gather items.

Invest in Narrow Rolling Carts

Purchase a narrow-wheeled cart that slides between the refrigerator and cabinet. This will hold dozens of spices and condiments and rolls from its area with ease. He won’t need to get into cupboards that are above the counters if you have everything below the counter.

Add a Motion Detecting Faucet

Look into motion-detection faucet controls. He won’t have to reach and manipulate traditional knobs. If you can’t find the right faucet, a lever water faucet will also be easier to use from a wheelchair.

It can also be easier for your dad to use the sink if the faucet is moved from the back of the sink to the side. He won’t have to stretch to reach the faucet controls.

Hire Caregivers to Help

Caregivers are the best solution of all. Instead of trying to do things on his own, your dad arranges home care services to help him out. The caregiver helps him with meal preparation, puts away groceries, and reaches things that he needs.

Ask your dad about home care and see what he thinks. He can have a caregiver for a few weeks while he recovers or make it a permanent arrangement.


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