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How Caregivers Can Encourage Seniors to Use Sunscreen

It’s summertime and that means your older family member might be out in the sun more. To protect them from the sun’s rays, they’ll need to wear sunscreenUnfortunately, some people don’t like wearing sunscreen. Your aging relative may complain that it feels greasy or that it’s difficult to put on. Don’t let those complaints stop the older adult from wearing sunscreen, though. Instead, caregivers can try these tips for getting them to wear sunscreen regularly. 


Find One They Like

Caregiver Chester, PA: Sunscreen and Seniors

In the past, the choice of sunscreens was limited. Most of it really was greasy and it didn’t smell great. In addition, it caused clothing to stick to the skin and also attracted sand and other debris. Today, there are so many choices that there is sure to be a product out there that your aging relative will like. There are greaseless options that are much more comfortable to wear. Try a sunscreen designed for sensitive skin or one that leaves skin feeling refreshed. Once you find something they like, purchase a few of them and keep them in strategic places, such as next to the sink where they’ll see it when they get ready to go out or in the senior’s handbag. 


Pick the Right Format for the Occasion 

Lotions are the best choice for sunscreens since it’s easier to control how much the older adult puts on and whether the entire body is covered. Caregivers can make wearing sunscreen simpler by helping the senior to apply it, especially to hard to reach areas of the body, like the back. However, a lotion might not always be the best choice depending on the situation. Consider keeping a sunscreen spray on hand for those times when quick and easy application is important.  


Choose Moisturizers and Makeup with SPF Protection 

If the senior you are a caregiver to wears makeup or uses a daily moisturizer, find one that offers SPF protection. Though it may not protect the entire body, it can prevent the older adult from getting a sunburn on their face. And, if they are already used to wearing moisturizer and makeup, they aren’t likely to object to one with SPF. 


Encourage Clothing for Added Sun Protection 

Caregivers who really struggle to get an older adult to put on sunscreen may have to resort to getting them to wear clothing that offers some sun protection. Encourage the senior to wear a hat with a wide brim, long sleeved shirts, and pants. Sunglasses can also protect the eyes from the sun’s rays.


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