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Have You Ever Talked to Your Dad’s Pharmacist? Here’s Why You Should

How often do you talk to your dad’s pharmacist? Most people pick up the prescription and leave. It’s a good idea to talk to the pharmacist every now and then. Here’s why. 
Your Dad May Be Seeing Several Doctors

Caregiver Drexel Hill, PA: Pharmacists and Seniors

If your dad has a family physician, a neurologist or other specialist, a dentist, and a therapist, they all may be prescribing medications. While you would assume, they share information about the medications they’ve prescribed, those messages don’t always get through as you would hope. 
The pharmacist has records of every prescription that’s filled. You’ll have someone to advise you of the side effects, what the medications do, and if there are any that are questionable. If your dad takes an antidepressant and drinks several beers a night, that can be dangerous. 
The pharmacist provides you with the information you need to know why the medication would be prescribed. You’ll also have information that helps you decide if it conflicts with your dad’s lifestyle and other medications. 
Talk About Over-the-Counter Medications 
In addition to understanding prescription medications’ side effects and contraindications, a pharmacist can offer advice about some of the over-the-counter medications your dad takes. If he has a cold and wants a cold medication, there are certain medications he shouldn’t take with his high blood pressure medication. 
If he read an article about the benefits of St. John’s wort and wants to start taking it, the pharmacist can tell you more. The pharmacist can look at the prescriptions your dad takes and see if any are not safe to use with St. John’s wort or other popular OTC items like CBD oil or garlic capsules. 
Find Better Prices 
When your dad’s prescription costs go up, his pharmacist can advise him if there is a less expensive generic or rebate offers on the medications he takes. It can make a big difference asking that simple question than stopping the medication completely due to the increased cost. 
Ask about Medication Management Services 
When your dad manages several medications each day, he may be having a harder time keeping track of everything. If he misses a dose, it may be harmful to his health. One service that caregivers offer can be very helpful. 
Call a home care agency and ask about the cost of daily medication management services. Caregivers can remind your dad when to take his medications and how he needs to take them. Some pills should be taken only with milk, with water, with a meal, or on an empty stomach. Caregivers also make sure he takes them at the right time each day. 


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