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Four Ways You Can Help Your Senior Keep Her Brain Healthy

One of your goals as a caregiver is to keep her as healthy as possible and that means keeping her brain healthy, too. But how do you do that? It turns out that a combination of different solutions might be your best bet.

Check out Which Habits Are Working and Which Aren’t

Caregiver Upper Darby, PA: Four Ways You Can Help Your Senior Keep Her Brain Healthy

Some of the habits your senior already has in place are helpful in keeping her brain and her body helpful, but she might also have some unhealthy habits that are posing a problem for her. Take a closer look at when and what she’s eating as well as whether there are any bad habits, like smoking, that she might need help ditching. From there you can start to put together a plan.

Trying New Things Fires up the Brain
No matter how old someone is, trying new things gets the brain active and engaged. That’s a great thing, but your senior might feel at a loss about what she should be trying. There are so many activities, hobbies, and situations that could work for your senior. You could try starting out with hobbies, but there’s always taking a class, either in person or online, and seeking out new information. The sky is really the limit as long as your senior is branching out a bit.

Put Together an Exercise Plan
Your senior’s doctor might have recommended that she start exercising. She might not find that to be something that she wants to do, but it can significantly help her brain health. Getting her blood flowing works for her body, but it also ensures that she’s getting plenty of oxygen-rich blood to her brain, too. Try finding exercise options that your senior enjoys or that she can at least tolerate so that she can stick with them.

Loneliness Is Detrimental to Overall Health
Your elderly family member may have been a little less social in recent years, too. That factors into brain health more than people realize. It’s important for your elderly family member to have social interactions as regularly as possible. One way to do this is to hire companions to stop by and to visit when you’re not able to be there with your senior.

Every person has different needs. Your aging family member might find that putting a plan together to help her to experience the best brain health possible is both easier and more fun than she might have guessed.

Excerpt: Brain health is a big part of your senior’s overall health. Here’s how you can help her brain to be as strong as possible.

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