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Four Ways Home Health Care Helps Your Senior Come Home

If your elderly family member has been in the hospital or somewhere else for an extended period of time, such as a rehab facility, coming home is a big deal. It can also feel complicated. Home health care providers can make the entire process easier on everyone involved. 

Explaining and Supporting the Transitional Care Plan

Home Health Care Darby, PA: Home Health Care and Seniors

The care plan your senior was sent home with might not make as much sense now as it did when you were helping her to get discharged. Instructions can be complex, especially if your elderly family member has a lot going on with her health. Home health care providers can help you to make much better sense of what needs to happen and they can help you to implement that plan as closely as possible.  

Serving as a Liaison Between You and Your Senior’s Medical Team 

Communicating with your senior’s medical team is sometimes difficult, too. There may be times when you think you’re understanding the situation, but later find out you’re not. Having someone who understands both sides of that dialogue to serve as a liaison can seriously help and it reduces confusion all the way around. 

Helping Your Senior Get to Follow-up Appointments 

Transportation after your elderly family member returns home may be a problem, too. Driving may be difficult, impossible, or even something your senior’s doctor has told her she is not cleared to do. But that doesn’t mean that your elderly family member doesn’t have places she needs to get to on a regular basis. Home health care providers are there for her and they understand the medical needs she might have on the way, like using a wheelchair to get into the building. 

Offering Help with ADLs, IADLs, and Medical Needs 

ADLs, or activities of daily living, and incidental ADLs, or IADLs, are difficult when your elderly family member is recovering from surgery, an illness, or an injury. No matter what kind of help she needs with essential daily tasks like help eating or bathing, that’s just the start. She may also need help with wound care, medications, and more related to helping her to heal. Home health care providers can assist her with all of those concerns. 

Home health care providers can do so much to ease the transition home for your elderly family member. This gives you and other family members a great deal of peace of mind during a difficult time. 


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