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Are You Feeling Frustrated as a Long-distance Caregiver?

Long-distance caregiving can sometimes become incredibly frustrating for you. You might feel out of touch or as if you just don’t know what you need to know. That low-level anxiety can gnaw at you.

Make Sure You Have the Information You Need

Elder Care Chester, PA: Feeling Frustrated as a Long-distance Caregiver

One of the biggest forms of frustration as a long-distance caregiver can be that you feel as if you’re not fully informed. If you have other sources of information besides your senior alone, you might want to tap into those sources. You may find that you really do have all of the information you need, but it never hurts to check just in case.

Talk to Your Senior about How You’re Feeling
If you’re still frustrated, make sure that you talk to your senior about how you’re feeling. Let her know what it is that is causing you to feel upset and see if there are some steps you can take to feel better about what’s going on. It might be that you need to hear from her more often or that you need specific information from her regularly to feel more comfortable.

Get Another Set of Eyes on the Scene
It’s entirely possible that even after all of this, you still feel a little uncomfortable. One answer that can help you and that can ensure your elderly family member is safe is to hire elder care providers. They can keep you posted on what happens on a daily basis, which can do a lot to alleviate your frustration. You’ll also have a way to verify the information that your elderly family member gives to you.

Plan a Visit Where You Can Get on the Same Page
Nothing can compare to seeing what’s going on for yourself, though. If you haven’t been to see your elderly family member in a while, it might be time for you to plan a visit. Part of your anxiety might be related to the fact that you haven’t seen her yourself. Make the most of the trip and don’t forget to spend quality time with your senior just enjoying her company, too. It doesn’t always have to be about managing her care.

Ultimately, long-distance caregiving may be something that you need to assess as you go. It might work really well for you and your senior for a long time, but there might come a point where you need to determine if you need to be closer to your senior.

Excerpt: Long-distance caregiving is definitely possible, but it can also be frustrating for you.


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Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator

Owner & Administrator at True Direct Home Health Care
True Direct HHC owner and administrator, Perry C. Doc Alleva has been in the health care community for over 10 years as a therapy solutions provider, as well as a home care services coordinator. He has extensive experience in caring for the disabled and the surgical acute, sub-acute, and rehab population. Rooted in his home-town city of Philadelphia, with strong ties to it's vast neighborhoods and communities, he's now focusing all his energies towards innovating the home health care agency's role in providing the essential care needed from individual to the family throughout the community.

Doc, as he is called by everyone - staff, patients and clients - first experienced home health care and hospice care while as a colleg student at King's College as he cared for his mother every day while she first battled COPD and then lung cancer. It was during this time that he came to understand that caring for a patient was more than just clinical expertise.

"Admittedly, my strongest attribute is my communication skills and the simple fact that I love to help people. Even the smallest thing you can do for someone really can mean so much to them long term. In fact, it could change them forever. That's what providing quality personal home health care should be all about."

In his spare time, he cooks for homeless shelters and children's music and arts events. He also is highly involved in his local youth sports soccer academy as a coach and Board member.

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