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What Can Help a Senior Who Is Experiencing Diminished Eyesight?

Vision changes are something your aging family member might not be prepared to deal with at this stage of her life. It’s not uncommon for aging adults to lose their eyesight, but someone who has never experienced vision problems can find this to be an extremely uncomfortable situation.

Talk to Her Eye Doctor

Home Care Chester, PA: Diminished Eyesight

If your senior is experiencing changing vision and hasn’t been to her eye doctor in a while, it’s time to set up an appointment. There may be more going on that her eye doctor can alert both of you to. There may also be some solutions her eye specialist can recommend that make a difference for her.

Let Her Do What She Can Do

As you and your senior notice her vision changing, there’s probably a lot that you want to take over and do for her. Helping her is one thing, but if you take over too much, she may end up losing more of her abilities and her independence than she really should. Let her handle what she can and try to only step in if there are specific safety concerns that need to be addressed. This can be an important part of allowing her to come to terms with her vision changes.

Set Some Guidelines for When She Expects Help

Something else that can help is to talk to your senior about when she wants help in general. This gives her a chance to share with you what her boundaries are, even as they’re changing while her vision changes. When you know what she expects in terms of help, you’re going to be less likely to jump in when she would rather you didn’t.

Find Assistive Devices and Other Solutions that Work for Her

There are a lot of options available for helping your elderly family member to cope with diminished vision. Things like brighter light bulbs and magnifying devices are just the tip of the iceberg. You might also want to consider reading devices that can read almost any written item to her. Another option is to hire home care providers. They can take over other tasks for her that may have become more difficult, like driving and cooking, especially if you’re not available to do those things for your senior.

It’s difficult to deal with diminished vision, especially if your elderly family member has always been able to see well in the past. The emotional effects may be surprising for both of you.


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