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The Best Ways to Pack a Picnic During National Picnic Month

Are you likely to pack a picnic and get your dad out of the house during July’s National Picnic Month? Many are planning outings, but some don’t know how to safely pack a picnic. Whether your foods are all set and ready to eat or you’re bringing items to grill, you need to pack the items safely to prevent food poisoning.


Pack Two or More Coolers

Home Care Media, PA:National Picnic Month

Fill a minimum of two coolers halfway with ice or ice packs. Reserve more ice to place on top of the items.

One will have your raw meats. If you’re serving burgers and chicken or some other mix of meats, make sure each one is secure in leak-proof packaging. You don’t want cross contamination at any stage of the picnic. Gallon-size freezer bags work well for this. Cover the meats with additional ice.

If you’re not grilling meats, package your sandwiches in the first cooler instead. Wrap them individually to avoid having something like a tuna salad sandwich leaking juices onto a cheese and tomato sandwich.

Salads go into another cooler. Make sure the salads are safely stored in leak-proof containers or freezer bags. Settle them into the ice and put a thin layer of ice over the top to ensure all sides of the bowl or package are chilled.

If you’re bringing beverages, you’ll want a third cooler for drinks. Jars of marinades and sauces can also go into this cooler.

Items that don’t need refrigeration, such as potato chips or crackers, are okay in tote bags. You can add things like paper plates and utensils to this bag.


Don’t Forget These Essential Items

There are a few things related to cooking that you need to bring. If you are grilling, you’ll need matches or a lighter. You may want charcoal and paper or lighter fluid. If you’re collecting dry wood and kindling at the park, make sure you know to collect hardwood like maple and not softwood like pine.

Bring an instant-read food thermometer. For a meat to be safe to eat, it must reach the right internal temperature. For example, chicken and turkey must be 165 F. Cutting into a piece of meat to see if it’s still bloody is not a safe way to ensure a food’s safety.

Is Your Dad Eating Safely at Home?

Who makes sure the foods your dad eats the rest of the time are safe? Is he constantly checking his fridge and cupboards for outdated or spoiled foods? Does he know how to safely cook meats? If not, it’s time to investigate the benefits of home care.

He can have someone cooking his meals for him, taking him shopping, and helping him put things way while they’re still fresh. A home care representative can help you figure out services that will benefit his desire to age at home.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care in Media, PA, please contact the caring staff at True Direct Home Health Care today.

Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator

Owner & Administrator at True Direct Home Health Care
True Direct HHC owner and administrator, Perry C. Doc Alleva has been in the health care community for over 10 years as a therapy solutions provider, as well as a home care services coordinator. He has extensive experience in caring for the disabled and the surgical acute, sub-acute, and rehab population. Rooted in his home-town city of Philadelphia, with strong ties to it's vast neighborhoods and communities, he's now focusing all his energies towards innovating the home health care agency's role in providing the essential care needed from individual to the family throughout the community.

Doc, as he is called by everyone - staff, patients and clients - first experienced home health care and hospice care while as a colleg student at King's College as he cared for his mother every day while she first battled COPD and then lung cancer. It was during this time that he came to understand that caring for a patient was more than just clinical expertise.

"Admittedly, my strongest attribute is my communication skills and the simple fact that I love to help people. Even the smallest thing you can do for someone really can mean so much to them long term. In fact, it could change them forever. That's what providing quality personal home health care should be all about."

In his spare time, he cooks for homeless shelters and children's music and arts events. He also is highly involved in his local youth sports soccer academy as a coach and Board member.

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