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Why Is Your Aging Adult More Prone to Falling?

Narrowing down what can cause your aging adult to fall can help you to solve some of those potential problems before they contribute to a fall.

Senior Care Broomall PA - Why Is Your Aging Adult More Prone to Falling?

Senior Care Broomall PA – Why Is Your Aging Adult More Prone to Falling?

Her Senses Work Differently Now

As she ages, your senior’s eyesight and hearing undergo changes. Those changes have immense effect on her ability to maintain her footing and avoid losing her balance. Having your aging family member’s vision and hearing checked regularly can help way more than she might realize.

Her Reflexes Have Changed

Your senior’s reflexes may have been sharp and fast even a few years ago, but that can change rapidly. Reflexes are automatic reactions that your senior’s brain and entire neurological system power. As your senior ages and as she deals with health problems that affect her neurological system, those reflexes slow down, sometimes leading to a fall.

She’s Taking Medications that Have Side Effects

Medications that your senior may be taking for other health conditions can often have side effects like dizziness or drowsiness that dramatically impair her ability to avoid a fall. Make sure that you check each medication and understand how the side effects are likely to impact your aging adult. Keep in mind also that some medications might have mild side effects individually, but combined they can have more intense side effects.

She’s Lost Muscle Mass

Whether your senior just doesn’t move around as much as she used to or she’s experiencing health problems that immobilize her, losing muscle mass can be a significant problem. When your elderly family member is weaker and unable to move properly, she’s far more likely to fall.

She Has Blood Pressure Issues

Blood pressure issues can be a health problem for your senior, but they can also cause her to fall if she isn’t careful. Rising too quickly can cause blood pressure to drop rapidly, creating a situation that is very similar to fainting. Senior care providers can help your senior remember to take her time getting up and be there to catch her if she begins to fall.

Work with your aging adult’s doctor and other medical professionals to solve as many of these potential issues as you can.

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Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator

Owner & Administrator at True Direct Home Health Care
True Direct HHC owner and administrator, Perry C. Doc Alleva has been in the health care community for over 10 years as a therapy solutions provider, as well as a home care services coordinator. He has extensive experience in caring for the disabled and the surgical acute, sub-acute, and rehab population. Rooted in his home-town city of Philadelphia, with strong ties to it's vast neighborhoods and communities, he's now focusing all his energies towards innovating the home health care agency's role in providing the essential care needed from individual to the family throughout the community.

Doc, as he is called by everyone - staff, patients and clients - first experienced home health care and hospice care while as a colleg student at King's College as he cared for his mother every day while she first battled COPD and then lung cancer. It was during this time that he came to understand that caring for a patient was more than just clinical expertise.

"Admittedly, my strongest attribute is my communication skills and the simple fact that I love to help people. Even the smallest thing you can do for someone really can mean so much to them long term. In fact, it could change them forever. That's what providing quality personal home health care should be all about."

In his spare time, he cooks for homeless shelters and children's music and arts events. He also is highly involved in his local youth sports soccer academy as a coach and Board member.

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