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Potential Problems to Watch for Around Exercise

Your senior should only start an exercise plan after getting clearance from her doctor, but even then she might notice some symptoms or issues that need to be looked into further.

Losing Weight Unexpectedly or in Large Amounts

Home Care Media, PA: Potential Problems to Watch for Around Exercise

Your senior might want to lose a few pounds, but if she starts to lose a lot more than she expected or loses it a lot more quickly than she anticipated, there might be a problem. Your senior’s doctor can help to determine what’s contributing to this situation. Losing weight when she doesn’t really need to can be something your senior needs to avoid.

Excessive Swelling in the Joints
Arthritis causes joint swelling and it’s definitely painful, but exercise can help with both the pain and the swelling. If your senior is finding that exercise is causing her to experience even more joint swelling, that could be a sign of an injury or bigger problem with her joints. Her doctor needs to take a closer look.

Excessive Muscle Soreness
When your senior exercises, she’s using and working her muscles. If she’s experiencing excessive soreness or cramping, though, that might be a serious issue. Your elderly family member might have injured herself or may have other health issues for which the muscle soreness is a symptom.

Pressure or Pain in Her Chest
Your senior might be especially worried about any type of pressure or pain in her chest. That’s often considered one of the most obvious signs of a heart attack, but it can be a sign of many problems. If your elderly family member is experiencing any pain or pressure in her chest, it’s vital for her to let her doctor know right away.

Dizziness or Sudden Shortness of Breath
When your senior first starts exercising, she might have some trouble with shortness of breath. This usually gets better over time and is not an issue when she slows down or when she’s done exercising for the day. If she’s experiencing sudden shortness of breath or she’s dizzy when she’s short of breath, that’s something her doctor needs to know about.

New or Unusual Symptoms
If you or your senior notice any new or unusual symptoms, no matter what they are, it’s always a good idea to bring them up with her doctor. Even if the symptom doesn’t seem to be a problem, just mentioning it puts it on the doctor’s radar.

Exercise is really helpful for your senior, but not if it’s causing her other problems. It might be a good idea to ask her not to exercise alone, especially if you can’t be there with her. Home care providers can ensure that she’s got company while she exercises, just in case.

Excerpt: Knowing what to look for in terms of problems during or after exercise is an important part of keeping your senior moving.


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