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Making a Good Plan for Removing Clutter in Your Elderly Loved One’s Home

Does your elderly loved one have a lot of clutter in their home? If so, you should do your best to help them remove the clutter. There are many elderly people who fall in their homes due to clutter. Sometimes it is in the walkways. Other times it is too much furniture. You can spend some time going through your elderly loved one’s home with them. From there, you can make a plan for getting rid of or organizing the clutter.  


Caregiver Upper Darby, PA: Removing Clutter

Walkways are one of the most common areas where clutter accumulates. These are often one of the most common areas where senior citizens fall in their homes, as well. With all the clutter in the walkways, it is more difficult for the elderly to get through without tripping. However, you and your elderly loved one can focus on the walkways they go through more often first. From there, you can work with them to organize that area. If needed, you can get the caregivers to help keep these areas cleared after you are finished with them.  

Daily Goals 

If your elderly loved one has many areas in their home that need to have clutter removed, you can slowly work on getting through it all. You don’t have to do this all in one day. It may just overwhelm your loved one. You can make a plan to get through one room every day or so. Have an end date in mind for when everything should be gone through. Let your elderly loved one know when you will be there to help with each area.  

Disposing of Things 

If there are things that should be thrown away, put those in a garbage bag. If there are things that your elderly love one would like to keep, but they are in the way, these can be stored in totes or other storage containers. If there is something that your elderly loved one will be using often, you can find a “home” for it. Everything in their house should have a place. If there is larger furniture that is in the way, you can see if your elderly loved one would be willing to have that replaced with smaller furniture.  


If there is a lot of clutter in your elderly loved one’s home, it is important to get all of that cleared out as soon as possible. The longer the clutter stays there, especially if it is on the floor or in the walkways, the higher the chance will be for your elderly loved one to fall. If you and/or the caregivers help your elderly loved one to remove the clutter from their home, they can be safer. In addition, research shows that a more organized home leads to better focus, concentration, happiness, and better moods.  

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