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Four Mistakes Your Senior Needs to Avoid When Exercising

Your senior might be ready to start exercising, but there are still some misunderstandings she might have about working out. No matter what her reasons are for becoming more active, she can make a lot of progress toward her goals if she avoids some of these small errors.

Warming up Is Vital

Home Care Springfield, PA: Seniors and Exercise

Lots of people try to skip warming up when it comes to exercise. The problem is that when your senior skips a warm up, she might be more susceptible to injury. Warming up doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s basically just a way to gradually warm up the muscles, joints, and ligaments so they’re ready for moving more. Your senior’s warm up can be the activity she’s about to do, just slower until she feels her blood pumping.

Stretching Is Also Important
Your senior might also be trying to avoid stretching. Whether she stretches before her workout, afterward, or both, stretching serves a valuable purpose. It helps to get blood into muscles and joints and can help them to feel more relaxed and able to move. Stretching might help her to avoid injury and she might feel less sore after her workout if she devotes a few minutes to stretching gently because her muscles won’t be as tense.

Shaking Things up Can Help a Lot
Getting into an exercise rut is a big reason for a lot of people to stop moving as much as they did. Your senior might benefit from shaking things up a little more often. Joining a gym with classes for older adults can help, because there’s always something new to try. If your elderly family member is worried about going somewhere else to exercise, hiring home care providers can help. They can take over the driving for her and they can make sure she gets home again safely after her workout.

She Might Be Scared to Exercise
Lots of aging adults haven’t exercised much at all. That might mean that your senior goes a little too far overboard when it comes to not wanting to get injured. That might mean that she doesn’t get enough exercise to help her to stay healthy and to maintain her muscles. Getting the go ahead from her doctor can be helpful if your senior is feeling this way. Her doctor can reassure her about how much exercise she really can do.

Your senior doesn’t have to rush into big workouts right away, though. She can start out slowly and with small workouts that gradually become bigger and faster as she’s built up her strength and her endurance.

Excerpt: Working out might be a new activity for your senior and she might want to make sure she’s doing it right.


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Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator

Owner & Administrator at True Direct Home Health Care
True Direct HHC owner and administrator, Perry C. Doc Alleva has been in the health care community for over 10 years as a therapy solutions provider, as well as a home care services coordinator. He has extensive experience in caring for the disabled and the surgical acute, sub-acute, and rehab population. Rooted in his home-town city of Philadelphia, with strong ties to it's vast neighborhoods and communities, he's now focusing all his energies towards innovating the home health care agency's role in providing the essential care needed from individual to the family throughout the community.

Doc, as he is called by everyone - staff, patients and clients - first experienced home health care and hospice care while as a colleg student at King's College as he cared for his mother every day while she first battled COPD and then lung cancer. It was during this time that he came to understand that caring for a patient was more than just clinical expertise.

"Admittedly, my strongest attribute is my communication skills and the simple fact that I love to help people. Even the smallest thing you can do for someone really can mean so much to them long term. In fact, it could change them forever. That's what providing quality personal home health care should be all about."

In his spare time, he cooks for homeless shelters and children's music and arts events. He also is highly involved in his local youth sports soccer academy as a coach and Board member.

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