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Do You Know These Caregiver Tricks?

Caregivers encounter challenges every day. Sometimes the challenges seem insurmountablebut when you have an arsenal of tips and tricks from experienced caregivers, you may find yourself feeling more confident and ready to take on new situations. Below are some caregiver tips and tricks that you may find useful in overcoming some of the challenges you face as a family caregiver to an older adult. 


Give the Senior Choices

Caregiver in Upper Darby, PA: Caregiver Tricks

Caregiver in Upper Darby, PA: Caregiver Tricks

One thing that can make caregiving more difficult is dealing with an older adult who tends to be stubborn. This can sometimes happen when a senior feels frustrated and like they’ve lost their independence. If you’re experiencing this with your aging relative, try giving them choices. For example, instead of telling them what you are serving for lunch, ask if they want a turkey sandwich or a bowl of soup. By having choices, the older adult will feel more in control of their life. 


Keep Lists on Your Phone 

Create a list of your older family member’s medications on your phone and be sure to keep it up to date. This way, if the older adult is admitted to the hospital, has a doctor appointment, or is picking up a new prescription, you always have a complete list of medications available. You may also wish to make a list of contacts, including other caregivers, doctors, and family members who will need to be notified if the older adult takes a turn for the worse.  


Use a Shared Calendar for Planning Care 

When multiple caregivers are involved, it can be useful to use an online shared calendar to keep track of the senior’s care calendar and medical appointments. By using a shared calendar, everyone involved can see who is responsible for care each day and whether there are special events or appointments scheduled for the day. 


Elevate Furniture 

Furniture that is low to the ground can be difficult for older adults to get up from. Caregivers can easily raise certain pieces of furniture by putting sturdy wooden blocks under the legs of the furniture. Make sure the blocks are large enough that the legs cannot slip off of them easily, which could lead to a fall. 


Use a Lap Tray to Make Eating Easier 

Depending on the older adult’s condition, getting to the dining table to have a meal may be a problem. For those that are bedbound or rely on a wheelchair, may find eating easier if they use a lap try with sturdy legs and compartments. Look for one that has a cup holder so that drinks won’t spill. The tray can also be useful during the day if the senior wants to make a craft or do some other sort of activity that requires a table. 

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